Pre-announcement of Centenary Celebrations

כנס חגיגי בפונה לרגל שנת המאה לב.ק.ס איינגאר 12-3 דצמבר 2018
אירוע מטעם  העמותה

The registration for the Guruji’s centenary celebrations in December 2018 has started. The link for registration is:
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דרישות מינימום: לפחות 3 שנות תרגול
This is a pre-announcement of classes by Geetaji, Prashantji and Abhijata on the occasion of Guruji’s centenary.
Dates of the classes: December 3 to 12 [both days inclusive]. There will be other celebrations onDecember 13 and 14, 2018.
Venue: Balewadi Sports complex. This is about 10 kms [20 to 30 min] drive from RIMYI.
Tentative Time: 8.30 am to 1 pm and 2.30 to 4 pm. There would be a programme till about 8 pm on the 14th so plan your travel accordingly.
Qualification for the classes: Minimum 3 years of regular Iyengar Yoga practice.
Transport: Transport would be available from the Institute to the venue. So, you can book your hotels accordingly.
Detailed information, registration forms would be communicated shortly.
This announcement is mainly for our International students to plan their travel and accommodation for the event. If you have completed three years of regular Iyengar Yoga practice – which would be verified with your respective Association or teachers - you can book your tickets and hotels - if you desire.
Please forward this information to all the members of your association/fellow Iyengar Yoga practitioners in your country. In case it is not you but somebody else from your country/association who would be our ‘contact point’ for this event then please send me their name and email id.
Do acknowledge the receipt of this email.

מנחה: גיטה, פראשנט ואביג'טה

מיקום :  Balewadi Sports complex

תאריך התחלה : 03.12.18 - 08:30
תאריך סיום:  12.12.18 - 16:00

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Balewadi Sports complex

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