Paula Szyller

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Paula is Brazilian and completed her education in NYC. Lives in Israel for over a decade. Fluent in Portuguese, Spanish, English and Hebrew

Certified level 1 directly from Abhijata and Prashant Iyengar in 2020 while visiting RIMYI- Pune, India

Rehabilitated from Fibromyalgia with Nancy Gardosh and on going mentorship in medical yoga

Student of Inga Zimbalista since 2019 with mentorship in development as a teacher, practitioner and assisting regularly in the studios’ medical classes

Initiated a program to teach Iyengar Yoga for the disabled veterans at Beit Halochem with the help of Inbar Grinberg and Nancy Gardosh

Studies with the Iyengar family and senior teachers at RIMYI- Pune, India

Participates in workshops of senior teachers locally and abroad

Certified in fascia release and dry needling from Alfons Treschel

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