Seven Days Workshop for Experienced Practitioners with Christian Pisano

Christian Pisano has been practicing IYENGAR® Yoga for many years. He lived in Pune for several years in order to be close to and learn directly from his guru, B.K.S. Iyengar and holds an Advanced Senior Teacher’s Certificate given to him personally by Guruji. He weaves his philosophical knowledge of the non-dual approaches, especially that of the “Trika” system known as Kashmir Shaivism, into his teaching of yoga. He continues to study at the Iyengar institute annually in Pune. He is the founder and Director of the IYENGAR® Yoga Institute of Nice, France and the author “of The Hero’s Contemplation” and “La Desert de Thar”. We are honored to welcome Pisano back in Israel!


20/09/2019 - 26/09/2019

כל היום


Kibbutz Moran Country Lodging , HaGefen 1, Kibbutz Moran


A mat, 2 belts (1 long belt), 2 blocks, a bolster, blankets for shoulder stand, a chair

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Open to association member teachers and practitioners with at least 8 years of experience

Includes full board accommodation


Starting: Friday 20th September at 16:00

Ending: Thursday 26th September at 19:00


  • The price of the workshop includes: practice, meals and accommodation
  • Shared accommodation is available for 2,3 or 4 practitioners per room. Participants will be allocated rooms according to registration order. Availability is limited – register early
  • The advanced workshop is intended for Iyengar Yoga Association members only.  Israeli association members will be validated against membership list. Members of other associations will present valid proof of membership at registration
  • Registration is only permitted for the full 7 days of the workshop


Early Bird registration until 15.7.19 Early Bird Regular price
Accommodation in 4 person room 2600₪ 2900₪
Accommodation in 3 person room 2900₪ 3200₪
 Accommodation in 2 person room – Sold out 3300₪ 3600₪
No accommodation needed 1500₪ 1800₪

*Credit card cancellation fee – 5%

For assistance write us at

Last registration date 5.9.19